Hey there! We are Matt and Sarah, your wedding storytellers. We’re passionate about what we do and view every couple that we get the opportunity to work with as an absolute blessing. If at the end of the wedding process you consider us friends, then we’ve done our job.

As storytelling photographers & videographers, hence our name ‘The Knot Plot,’ we want to capture your day and present it to you exactly as it happened. And we want it to be REAL. We will give direction where necessary, but we like to stay out of the way and take a photojournalistic, unobtrusive approach so that you can fully enjoy your day.

On a personal level, we were both born and raised on the west side of Cincinnati and are both graduates of Harrison High School. Matt later graduated from Hanover College and Sarah from the University of Cincinnati. 

We still make the west side our home, but now with the addition of our 2 amazing boys.  As parents we often debate which of us is the boss, but as we find ourselves hiding in a 3’x3’ kitchen pantry just to eat a quick snack in peace, well it’s clear that our kids run the roost.

When we’re not out taking photographs you’ll find us at one of the many different local Cincinnati attractions with our kiddos. We love spending time at the zoo, aquarium, supporting the local sports teams, and all of the beautiful parks that Cincinnati has to offer!




Q: How would you describe your style of Wedding Photography?

A:  We strive for inspiring images that tell your story.  Our goal is to stay out of your way and capture things as they happen.  Yes, we'll give you some poses and/or prompts for your formal bridal party and family photos, but other than that we really want to let things happen naturally, and capture them as they do. Our images are bold and punchy and we're well-known for our golden hour sunset images.  When time permits we love to pull the bride and groom away from the reception for 10 minutes at prime sunset time to get these breathtaking images, because nothing beats a good sunset.  

Q: With the Platinum Package, what kind of Wedding Day video will We get?

A: Your video will tell the story of your day, just as your photographs do - but with motion! We will capture clips throughout the day as we’re taking your photos and then edit them together into a cinematic trailer style film. We’ll put a small lav mic on the groom during the ceremony to capture both of your vows, and we’ll also mic up anyone giving a speech/toast and then we’ll use that professional quality audio throughout the video along with a couple musical tracks.

Q: Will the video include our entire ceremony?

A: We want the video to tell the story of your entire day without being an hour long. So for that reason, we’ll only film smaller “key” parts of the ceremony. If you’re looking for a longer video we can refer some pretty good videographers. But, keep in mind that if you hire an outside videography company, they’re more than likely going to have 2 videographers, in addition to the 2 of us - and that can be a little….paparazzi-ish, so that’s another reason why it is definitely a benefit to have us do both for you.

Q: What differentiates you from other Wedding Photographers?

A:  We only shoot 25 weddings a year.  We're not a factory trying to mass-produce weddings, we like to fully invest ourselves in each and every wedding.  A wedding should demand a photographer's full, undivided attention from start to finish, and that's what we give. And because we only do 25 weddings a year, your final edited images will be delivered to you in 14 days or less.  We're big on instant gratification, and we know that you can't wait to see your final edited images, so we typically only shoot one wedding in a weekend and focus all of our attention on that wedding's photos before moving on to the next one. 

Q: How many images will I get as part of my final Wedding gallery?

A: There is NO cap on the number of photos we deliver. We always like to say that the final number of images we deliver is directly tied to how much fun you and your guests are having - so if everyone is having a blast and there are 100’s more deliverable images, we’ll keep on editing them. Our main focus though is on quality over quantity, so as a general rule of thumb we usually end up with 45-65 final edited images per hour, so if we’re shooting for 10 hours, 450-650 final images is a pretty safe estimation.

Q: How would you describe your style of photo editing?

A: We shoot in the RAW file format (not JPG), which preserves the most amount of information in a file for maximum editing ability.  This means that every image HAS to be edited to add in sharpness, contrast, exposure corrections, white balancing, etc.  It's like fine-tuning the engine of a sports car.  We hand edit every single image we deliver, unlike others who apply a preset to every image and call it a day. We believe in deep blacks, bright whites, and nicely contrasted photos with vibrant colors. Once edited, the files will then be converted to JPG for final delivery to you.  


A: $350 is due at the time of booking. That, along with a signed contract, locks in your date. Then, 6 months before your wedding 50% of the remaining balance is due, and the other 50% is due 1 month before the wedding. As an example, if you wedding is on October 1st and your total cost is $1900, $350 is due at booking, $775 is due on 4/1 and $775 is due on 9/1.

Q: Do I have to purchase my prints/albums through you?

A:  Nope.  We don't even offer them, because professional photo ink is cost prohibitive and you can get photos printed cheaper from high-quality 3rd party sites online.  And we don't mean your local drug store.  Once we deliver the photos to you, they are yours to download and use as you wish.  Print them, post them, share them, do whatever you please.

Q: My venue requires that vendors carry insurance in the event something is damaged, etc., is that a problem?

A: Not a problem at all.  We are fully insured and can provide a Certificate of Insurance to your venue at any time. 

Q: How far will you travel for a Wedding?

A: Within 1 hour of zip code 45247.  

Q: Are there any hidden fees, or anything else that we're missing? 

A: The price we quote you includes everything and there are no additional costs. 

Q: What steps do you take to protect my images?

A: You can't reshoot a wedding if something goes wrong with your equipment.  For this reason, we only invest in the most expensive, high-quality, equipment and memory cards money can buy.  Our cameras record to 2 memory cards simultaneously, so IF something were to happen to one of the cards (in our history it never has....knock on wood), the images are backed up to another card.  On top of that, at several different points during the day we'll back-up the files to an external source.  So, before we ever leave your reception the images will be saved in 3 different places for maximum precaution.